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Who I Am

I AM an initiator
a pattern disrupter;
a visionary;
and a wild unicorn gatherer;

who cannot ignore or avoid challenging and transforming what feels wrong, inauthentic and out of alignment personally or societally. This way of being can feel insightful, inspiring, intense, or intimidating, to those within my sphere and has ignited immense creativity, chaos, and conflict, throughout my life.  

Learning not to suppress my true Self to avoid creating discomfort in others has been my life-long challenge because I’m literally here to go first, and shake shit up! I am here to initiate and activate; be it illuminating societal injustice, magnifying your highest potential so you can see it, or agitating the internal demons blocking you from reaching it. My energy is impactful, catalyzing, and transformative, because holding you at your highest vision is the medicine I am here to serve.

My zone of genius resides in my ability to naturally intuit, perceive, and observe the world within and around me, and then take decisive action when it feels right. As a result, most of my life I’ve encountered people asking:

“Woah, that’s so cool! How do you know this? Where did you learn how to do that? Can you share how you did it? How can I learn from you? Tell me more!!!”

For years, my unconscious response was; “I don’t know how or why I know this, it’s just who I am. I’m not really sure what I can actually teach you…

Then I embodied the truth of who I am; a multi-dimensional, highly-intuitive and eternally curious Woman, with a gift for gab and the ability to seek out,  synthesize, curate, and action, ridiculous amounts of complex information, while making it look effortless and easy. 

Turns out, raising up feminine Soulpreneurs who embody how to courageously voice, explore, and extract, the medicine embedded inside their transmuted pain, is my PASSION. 

Connecting them with those on a mission to curate their own bespoke toolkit that supports life-long healing, growth, and soul expansion is my PURPOSE...

and so the Grand Rising Experience was created.

the Grand Rising Experience exists because

I'm the match that sparks your inner fires of transformation

A Page from My Story

Over the course of my life and career I have been blessed with many opportunities and challenges that have stretched me to my limits, at times breaking me completely. But it wasn’t until I consciously stopped feeding my ego and starving my soul, that everything changed.

In 2017 I began the intentional journey of holistically healing my Self from the effects of debilitating burn-out triggered (but not caused) by my corporate career choices. I've since become enthralled with the human experience and self-experimentation; who we truly are, where we come from, what makes us tick, and most important — how and why we continue to self-harm by not actively listening to and learning from the lessons and intuitive wisdom embedded within our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, pain.

Eternally curious, and not one who likes to be contained, my healing and ascension path has been non-linear, autonomous and deeply intuitive. I have been self-led to various writings, teachings, people, places, practitioners, modalities, philosophies and methodologies that continue to evolve and inform how I observe, integrate, and move through this world. 

As a result, I only attract those who find empowerment through authentic stories, embodied wisdom versus ego, and who innerstand that only You Heal  You. You Lead You. You Save You. My energy, offerings and spaces are not suited for, nor do they support, dependent or codependent paradigms.

The essence of the Grand Rising Experience is born out of my testimony. A vibrational frequency birthed from the friction and flow that connects all of my experiences and the relationships contained within them. The beautiful, painful, and sometimes shameful lessons, that continue to challenge my capacity to accept what is and forgive, so that I may embody and reflect the wisdom of peace and love.


I'm currently planted in Nova Scotia, Canada with Maggie the Corgi-poo while I nurture the Grand Rising Experience and plot our next adventure.

Things that bring me JOY


biking with maggie

Gym Shoes

movement with music


coffee + a notebook


hiking + hugging trees

activating you into inspired action, is my zone of genius

attracted to my mission?

connect with me to discuss

ways we can collaborate

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