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the Grand Rising Experience Podcast;

where inspired conversations lead you through your pain and back to the truth of who you are.


The Grand Rising Experience is designed to show you how to transform through life’s more painful seasons with stories and tangible tools that turn earth-shattering breakdowns into

life-affirming breakthroughs.

Available on all major platforms and hosted on SubStack.

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Be a Guest on the Grand Rising Experience

If you consider yourself a Wild Unicorn with a story that empowers others to see their possibilities inside of your reality, I would LOVE to speak with you! Read how guests describe their experience below and if it speaks to you, book a 20 minute connection call to see if we're a fit!

kind words from the collective

The energy around Nicole is such, that you will not connect with her until you’re ready. Because of that quality, she brings together a truly Grand Rising Experience; the grandest parts of our Self rise to meet each other…The conversation that came out of our podcast was one that I did not  expect, had never had and was thrilled to have…The dance between deep and topical, advanced and beginner, is not something I could have planned, but it happened and I really appreciate that. 


the period empress

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